Introducing Optikal...Hassle-Free Contact Care Delivered to Your Doorstep

Optikal makes keeping your eyes healthy easier by delivering everything you need right to your doorstep! Every three months you'll get a new box of contact lens care supplies with your Optikal subscription. Hassle-free, with no stress. As a contact lens wearer with a busy lifestyle, it's easy to find yourself slacking off when it comes to proper contact lens care. It's hard enough to keep all of your care supplies stocked and even harder to remember when to replace your lenses and my cases.                                            

Getting careless about contact lens hygiene doesn't go without consequences. In fact, nearly one million doctor and hospital visits every year are due to bacterial eye infections caused by improper contact lens care.

Signing up is simple!

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Select the your billing frequency and choice of solution brand.

Step 3: Never worry about contact lens care supplies again!

All of our boxes come with your choice of contact solution brands: OPTI-FREE puremoist® or Biotrue®. The box also features an array of products such as rewetting drops, optical hand soap, contact lens wipes, contact cases and more.

Take the first step to a better contact lens care routine and keep your eyes the healthiest they can be by backing Optikal today!